Digital Revolution


The benefits of technology are contradictory.

First of all this concept is demonstrates by J.Ellul when he talks about the surgeon, Technology enable us to make a big step forward When It Comes to the medical field. Surgeons have the Ability to make heart transplants , kidney transplants and others amazing operations . But those organs need to be healthy. There is one and only source of healty organs : traffic accidents . Surgeons need more accidents to carry out more operations . The more govnerment make traffic safer Fewer they will be ble to make transplants.

Moreover technology allow us to use wonderful new things as computers, mobiles etc .. But what is the price to pay in terms of protecting our privacy life and personal data? Several years ago we all heard about the Snowden case, this computer scientist employed by the CIA who revealed details of several American and British monitoring programs. The American government collect private data about every citizen in the world. “big brother is watching you”

In order to produce more, to sell more to have more profits, companies compel farmers to use more technology.We destroyed the traditional agriculture and replaced it with what we called "industrial" agriculture. The industrial agriculture system consumes fossil fuel, water, and topsoil at unsustainable rates. It contributes to many forms of environmental degradation (water pollution, soil depletion, diminishing biodiversity)

In nowadays there is an important number of ideas which shows that the concept of betrayal by technology is a reality and should be taken seriously.