Digital Revolution

Chapter 13: - The world's next breakthrough in tranportation: HYPERLOOP

Hyperloop is a research project of a very fast mode of transport invented by Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and SolarCity. Musk defines Hyperloop as a fifth mode of transport, in addition to boats, planes, cars and trains.

Hyperloop consists of a double tube in which the upper moving capsules. The interior of the tube is under low pressure to reduce the air friction. Capsules run on an air cushion generated through multiple openings on the base thereof, which further reduces friction. The capsules are propelled by a magnetic field generated by linear induction motors placed at regular intervals inside the tubes.

This revolutionary new means of transport in investor expectations, is a real technological progress that would make the shows more small, fast and efficient, the speed of this train could reach 1220 Kms/h.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), the company that wants to carry out this ambitious project, will build a first Hyperloop 8.05 kilometers Quay Valley, a new town designed based on principles of sustainable development, which will be built California on a private plot of 3,000 hectares, located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Besides the estimated time for a trip joining the two cities would be around 30 minutes.HTT hopes to fund the construction by raising funds from the general public in the third quarter 2015, with the goal of raising $ 100 million.

The hyperloop,in which passenger or cargo capsules shoot through tubes at speeds of up to 750 miles an hour. Distant cities could become metro stops. Cargo could zip under the ocean from China to the U.S. overnight. As our recent cover story recounted, a three-way race is on to commercialize the vision.

Can you imagine the technological revolution that we are about to live? International freight, business travel, safety of transport. real transport globalization, in a unified and interdependent world